Ensuring fair, kind & Inclusive workplaces
Let us get you there…



Successful employees make successful Businesses. Our recruitment team at Greys Matter® deliver the best applicants within the most ethical standards in the industry. Not only are they part of our campaign to ensure more Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive workplaces, profits from our fees go toward helping socially deprived people in the hardest of circumstances – we call it ‘profit for good’.

For profit for good recruitment

At Greys Matter® we believe our culture and values are the key to our success and for the future:

  • Our clients embrace Inclusive & Diverse workplaces.
  • Our experience enables us to provide intelligent recruitment services and unique industry insight during the recruitment process.
  • We are passionate about a fair, ethical and honest recruitment process.
  • We believe successful employees make successful businesses.
  • Our ambition is to help your organisation thrive and we are passionate about delivering true success to our clients.
  • Greys Matter® was born out of the desire to put something back into the community by building an ethical company with a positive moral compass.
  • We use our fees to help people get back into the workplace, help the homeless or those that are in socially deprived areas.
  • Many of our clients have existing CSR/ESG programmes or are B-Corp accredited and subsequently, Greys Matter® are often included in these as an ethical supplier to support their plans.

This is Ethical Recruitment

In a world where professional recruitment is often a necessary cost, by working with Greys Matter® we hope it is refreshing to know that your fees will be put to good causes.