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A Greys Matter® health check is a chance for your employees to get a greater insight into their current health and possible risks, and a way to make the positive changes they want or need.

Regular Health Checks ensure that any future problems are identified as early as possible giving everyone the opportunity to address such eventualities before they become serious.

Finding possible health issues early also helps alleviate the strain on the NHS
– a positive solution for everyone!

Key Considerations

  • Checks should be relevant to an individuals’ health, with tests that identify any possible impending or existing health risks.
  • Checks should be convenient to where an employee lives or works to ensure collaboration.
  • Checks must be cost-effective to enable each Company to be Inclusive and offer this opportunity to all staff.

For your company it is about showing kindness and inclusion.

For your employees it is about feeling valued and respected.

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What’s Included

✔  Heart rate

✔  Cholesterol

✔  Body Mass Index

✔  Blood Glucose Levels

✔  Smoke analyser & lung carbon monoxide levels

✔  Alcohol consumption guide and assessment

✔  Body fat assessment including water & visceral fats

✔  Blood Oxygen Levels

✔  Blood pressure

✔  Peak Flow

‘Positive wellbeing can lead
to a 12 percent hike in

Providing Support
and care for your staff helps in:

Peace of Mind for you
and your employees

‘Positive wellbeing can lead to a 12 percent hike in producity’

  • As an employee do you know if your staff are well working from Home?
  • Has their health been effected during lockdown both physically and mentally?
  • Caring and inclusive companies that support their employees will thrive.
  • Kindness and inclusion start with your moral duty of care.

Providing Support
and care for your staff helps in:

  • Building trust
  • Reinforcing your commitment to your employees.

  • Improving staff retention

  • Boosting productivity

  • Having greater employee engagement

Peace of Mind for you and your employees

Greys Matter® ensure we provide the following comprehensive and professional pre-service reports:

  • Detailed Method Statement
  • Full Risk Assessment
  • Covid19 Risk Assessment and Procedures

We only use fully qualified medical staff for our health Checks, with a minimum level 3 NVQ requirement.


We utilize a network of convenient locations to establish ‘day clinics’ that are easily accessible for your employees.

Or We will set up a clinic within your offices to provide this service.


During working hours at a time and place convenient to you and your staff.

Each test takes about 30 minutes with one of our qualified staff.


Greys Matter® Health Checks are designed to be uncomplicated, convenient, and exceptionally cost-effective.

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