Ensuring fair, kind & Inclusive workplaces
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Our Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Consultancy helps clients increase their diversity awareness and proficiency at all stages of their inclusion development.

We provide the expertise and platform for your company to understand the benefits of an inclusive strategy and strengthen your internal capability. Our intention is to grow your business, and to develop a genuine, authentic, diverse and inclusive workplace.

How we help you help yourself:

  • Identify your D&I strengths and analyse areas for improvement.
  • Review the recruitment strategy and procedures to retain the very best talent, highlighting any bias within the process.
  • Co-create a dynamic diversity and inclusion strategy with an aligned programme for action.
  • Identify procedures for self-governance, accountability and effective communication to ensure ongoing consideration and removal of bias.
  • Create ongoing activities to help deliver a consistent level of inclusion.
  • Training of senior personnel to maximise management communication and accountability.

We understand

We understand that every company within every sector is different and one strategy does not fit every company.

Therefore we work with industry leading practitioners to ensure that your business is only assisted in its journey by the very best and most suitable expert, in a field relative to your own business sector.

This is why Greys MatterĀ® D&I Consultancy is different and delivers genuine and sustainable change.

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We passionately believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly.