The issue of age discrimination is wider than we might think at first glance, and the actual discrimination older workers face is often subtle. While it is illegal to discriminate against workers or applicants, according to a recent PMA survey of workers aged 45 years and older, 61% of respondents said they have seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace. If a majority of older workers feel they have faced bias, it’s time for HR teams to do a little soul-searching to improve the situation of this large portion of the working population.

Start with who you hire

The first place to search is in your organization’s hiring practices. Age cannot devalue a candidate’s individual merits. Older workers, on the whole, are less likely to leave an organization and they are more likely to have a longer work history and broader work experience. This can translate to increased engagement, retention, dependability, adaptability, a strong work ethic, and a good sense of workplace practices.

Contrary to these positives, older workers oftentimes must face assumptions that they are less tech-savvy, more forgetful, or less efficient, or even more costly in terms of their medical benefits. These assumptions don’t just hurt this more experienced working population; they also hurt businesses who may miss out on this vast talent pool in favour of someone more “fresh-faced.”

Focus on diversity to create a strong team

Challenge Your Perspective

We want to work with genuine companies that understand the need to:


  • Remove barriers and create more opportunities for older adults to contribute to the workplace
  • Narrow inequalities
  • Challenge ageist and negative language, culture and practises
  • Create corporate self awareness of social responsibility

Applicants With

Older workers have so much more to contribute to the


  • They have significant life and work experience
  • They’re loyal
  • They have a good work ethic
  • They have strong networks
  • They have better communication skills


We are a business seeking to work with socially responsible Companies that understand the significance of eradicating Ageism in the Workplace.

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