Government states by 2020 there will be around 25 million people over the age of 50 in the UK and therefore, for both social and economic reasons, our attitude to employing and retaining older staff within our workplace needs a radical overhaul.

Age discrimination is illegal in the UK but it still exists. We want to encourage Inclusion and Fairness at work because tackling discrimination helps to attract, motivate and retain multi-generational staff, as well as enhancing your reputation as an employer. Furthermore, it has been proven that diversity leads to creativity and creativity is essential in the development of a business.

Greys Matter® has been established to support businesses in their journey to become fully Inclusive and Fair. We offer advice and services to both businesses and individuals wishing to overcome Ageism anywhere in the Workplace

Chris Meredith

Chief Executive Officer

Chris has spent the last 25 years leveraging commercial rights in sports, entertainment and commercial destinations. He has worked with Manchester United, Williams F1 and the England Football Team during his career and lived in the Middle East, Italy and United States.

Chris has secured commercial partnerships at the highest level and previously founded a company that floated on the AIM market in 2005 in association with Sony. He is committed and driven in bringing his experience to ensuring the success of Greys Matter®

Bram Vis

Chief Financial Officer

After qualifying at Arthur Andersen in 1993, he then left to set-up an International Tax Practice which in turn led to the development of a variety of businesses - some as start-ups, and some as partnerships with larger and more established companies. Personal Tax products led to accountancy services, dealing with non resident individuals/ corporations, shipping, visas and security.

More recently Bram has been living on the Isle of Wight, building his new house, as featured on Grand Designs. Bram is excited to make Greys Matter® a success and his business experience will be invaluable in delivering this

John Barnes


John has been a Project Management professional within the Construction and Restoration industry for over 25 years. Initially starting at grass roots, he developed his extensive skills working in a variety of sectors delivering projects with a dedication to client satisfaction and the highest quality.

John has been a driving force within the industry, completing some of the most high profile projects in the Country and attributes success to an understanding of the client’s needs and the formation of long-term relationships.

John Ryan


John is a vastly experienced construction and recruitment professional with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Starting as an engineer on site and moving into recruitment. An Incredibly driven individual with huge ambition and client focused, with long term relationships the key to his companies expansions.

Over the last 10 years running 2 very successful recruitment businesses, he is now very passionate about developing Greys Matter® and getting the over 50’s back into work.

Craig Perrin


Craig has over 30 year’s experience working within Investment Banking, across Europe, Asia and the USA.
In addition to his senior Asia and European based roles, Craig was based in New York on a five-year posting as the Head of Operations for Abbey Financial Markets, covering the US Broker Dealer & Treasury Funding Business.
Today, Craig is based in NY and is Managing Director within a Global Financing Securities services business. As Global Head of Sales, Craig manages a diverse team across many cultures and continents.


We are a business seeking to work with socially responsible Companies that understand the significance of eradicating Ageism in the Workplace.